Suzuki Parent Resources

The Suzuki Method is based on a three way interaction – between the child, the teacher and the parent.

“We parents should strive to deeply instil a beautiful, sensitive heart and splendid ability in children, believing that every child can develop into an adult who has these basic characteristics.” Dr Suzuki

The parent’s role is critical in the Suzuki method. 

Parental support for Suzuki students includes:

  • Attending every lesson, taking notes (and recording the lesson or specific points on video, ipod etc)
  • Being present at each practice session as a practice partner, coaching and giving encouragement.
  • As the technical difficulty and complexity of the training repertoire (Books 1 to 7) increase very quickly, the parent’s guidance and general interaction during practice has an enormous effect on the progress and success of the child.
  • As the child grows, the parent’s role can evolve from one of coaching and management to general support as the child matures and becomes able to independently use good practice tools.

Assisting children to learn through ‘Guided Discovery’

As teachers and parents, our job is not to instruct a child on how to play the piano – we are merely the guides to help them discover it for themselves. We want the child to discover how to learn for themselves – I call this “guided discovery.” Initially this may take some time, but once they achieve this, the progress speeds up. Children who are over-taught are denied the opportunity to develop this skill, and their ability to learn is not developed. Encouraging any attempt to experiment and learn for themselves is a key to fostering this skill. Often this takes time, and our patience and love is vital to allow the child to start and continue on the journey successfully.

Please find below some useful resources and links to empower you in your role as home support and practice buddy on this beautiful and sometimes challenging journey with your child, as they master not only how to play piano, but more importantly, together we become people of good character.


Sydney Suzuki Festival 2019

Saturday 13th April to Monday 15th April

Students’ workshop – come and be inspired!

July – Suzuki Graduation Recordings Due

Ensure you are planning how you will record your next Suzuki Graduation Level ahead of time!

November 2019 – Suzuki Piano Graduation Recitals

November – Piano Recitals – Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House

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